A Quick Maintenance Guide for your Wood Splitter

Anaconda 878 Slide-Hammer Manual Log Splitter

The wood splitter is not an easy device to operate and there is plenty of servicing and maintenance that must be undertaken to ensure that this device functions well enough over the long term. To know how to look after your slide manual log splitter as best as you can, read on.

Read the Instruction Manual with Care

The splitter manual needs to be read very thoroughly for tips and instructions on how to keep the splitter engine in good shape. Maintenance differs from one model of log splitter to another, so reading the instruction manual can go a long way in helping you to take care of your log splitter in the best possible way.

Keep the Log Splitter in a Dry Area

You need to make sure that the log splitting device is kept in a dry and clean area. It should be kept far away from materials and fertilizers that could end up causing combustion.

Clean the Log Splitter Regularly

The log splitter needs to be cleaned very thoroughly for the purpose of storage. Cleaning should be done using dry solutions. Refrain from using water at all costs.

Lubricate the Different components of the Log Splitter

The log splitter must be lightly lubricated every now and then. This will prevent its different parts from rusting too easily, especially when in storage.

Examine the Hydraulic Filter

If you use a hydraulic log splitter then the hydraulic filter will have to be examined once in awhile for the accumulation of debris and grime. Replace the filter regularly for best results.

Check the Suction Hose and Clamp

The clamp as well as the suction hose of a hydraulic log splitter must to be checked occasionally, too. If the clamps are loose, these need to be tightened for proper working.

Thus, caring for a log splitter is something you can do with ease if the above mentioned pointers are taken into consideration.

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