Health Drink & Smoothes

Everyone likes to drink smoothes as one can make different kind of smoothes according to personal taste preference. Smoothes can be healthy & unhealthy too it depends on us what kind of ingredients we use to make it. Here I am with some delicious healthy smoothes recipes, let’s have a look.

  • Banana & almond milk smoothes – Banana contains fiber, potassium & vitamins. It is very healthy especially when it blends with milk. You just need to take one ripe banana, one glass of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of honey (optional), ice cubes (optional. Throw them into blender, blend it for 1 minute & your smoothes is ready.


  • Mango smoothes – Mango contains fiber, vitamin, carbohydrate & potassium. Take one cup of diced & blend it in blender with milk or yogurt. Try to avoid sugar instead of this you can use honey for extra sweetness, at last garnish it with dry fruits.


  • Pomegranate & berry smoothes – Pomegranate & berry contains antioxidant compounds with vitamins & iron, doctors used to suggest pomegranate for anemia patients as it’s helpful to construct blood cells.

Take one cup of pomegranate juice & half cup of berries, put them into blender with small amount of water & ice cubes, blend them well then pour it into one glass mix sea salt or black pepper if needed. do not forget to to check Athletic Greens Review .


  • Coconut milk with grape & raspberry – Fruits are rich in fiber & coconut milk is also provides nutrition. To make this smoothes put all these three ingredients into blender & mix it well. Add honey if needed.


  • Cucumber & pineapple smoothes – cucumber is a good source of vitamin & pineapple too with fiber, pineapple helps to compensate the not so sweet taste of cucumber. Take one cup of sliced cucumber & pineapple put them into blender with half cup of water. Add a pinch of sea salt, black pepper & one scoop of cream to taste.


  • Apple & almond smoothes – apple contains vitamin, fiber & minerals it is one the healthiest fruit. To make smoothes take two cup of diced apples, one glass of milk, and half cup of almonds, honey & cinnamon to taste. Blend all the ingredients into blender, blend for one minute & pour it to one glass, at last add vanilla extract for flavor.


  • Strawberry with chocolate – strawberry contains vitamin & iron it creates a very tempting flavor with chocolates & milk. Take one cup of strawberries add it to one glass of milk & add some chocolates pieces to it. Throw all these ingredients into blender blend them with some ice cubes, your smoothes is ready. Chocolates & strawberry contains sweetness so you don’t need to add sugar or honey.